Tokenize your Startup Equity

Startup Tokens is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company with security tokens. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Startup Tokens helps you launch your startup from anywhere in the world. Coming in 2021.

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Why did you start Security Tokens?

1.) Liquidity

I believe private equities should be more liquid. It all started in early 2021. I was on my phone trading the latest hot cryptocurrencies. I was thinking to myself, why can I trade these in seconds while my Angel Investments usually require me to wait 15 years. This led me to researching the promise of security tokens. I believe that equity should be more liquid and that they have been encumbered by legal and financial institutions for economic gain.

2.) Programmability

Having started multiple companies, I've always thought about ways to distribute equity in creative ways to employees and customers. I gave up on these ideas because of the cost and effort needed to implement. If equity can be programmed into systems (github, shopify purchases...) a whole new vision of employee or customer owned company can be explored.

3.) Traceability

Imagine if your company could offer discounts to shareholders or offer loans against their equity. You can with security tokens and a traceable blockchain.

At security tokens we are excited to explore a bold new future.